More for less. Starting from $11/sq.ft

Fast track ModulusTech Features

3 hour assembly time using 3 workers

Build large-scale colonies in minimal time without requiring extensive manpower or tools.

Proper living conditions (according to IBC)

Bigger room sizes, amenities and heat insulation


Economical to transport.

Can be stored in a small space once use is complete.

8 houses can fit in a 40 foot container and transported anywhere.


Easily customize and form large multipurpose halls.


Energy Efficient ModulusTech features

Save electricity

Use of locally available materials with low-carbon footprint and minimized wastage.

Lightweight & DIY

Easy to assemble and disassemble.


Can be used in flood prone areas.

Resistant to earthquake and cyclones

Comfort & Privacy

Specially designed insulated panels keeping the house warm in winters and cooler in summers.

A lockable door and windows providing privacy and safety.