Imagine living away from home in a shelter with your family, unprotected from the heat or freezing temperatures. While we all love camping in the woods and sleeping under the stars, that’s not how we plan to live for the rest of our lives. Living away from all our daily necessities, no matter how small they may seem, are crucial.

Safety and security being one of the key factors, followed by a clean living environment, clean water and sewerage. These are just the basics. With all the advancement in technology, why is it that millions of refugees and IDP’s still get to be without all of these indefinitely?

That is the foundation that ModulusTech stands on, working on solving housing problems for displaced people through its one of a kind flat-packed house design. Helping refugees and IDPs get back to their normal lives as soon as possible.

The houses can be assembled in as little as 3 hours, making it possible to build large, cost effective colonies within a month. They have plumbing and electricity included, while offering protection in harsh climates and more.

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Building Towards Change

Building Towards Change Nabeel Siddiqui’s bio and work experience, at age 25, astound. He did his undergraduate in civil engineering, and has since worked on major construction projects, in social entrepreneurship and as the current CEO and co-founder of the successful start-up ModulusTech, which is dedicated to providing low carbon, low cost, sustainable housing. ModulusTech […]

How Social Causes Lead to Innovation -the Birth of ModulusTech

How Social Causes Lead to Innovation — the Birth of ModulusTech Almost 2 years ago I completed my degree in civil engineering from NED University in Karachi. Right after graduating I went on to do something I had never thought I would do. I say this because, as engineers, we seem to appreciate having a lot of […]

ModulusTech to represent Pakistan at the Global Manufacturing & Industrialization Summit, Germany

  ModulusTech has been selected by the Pakistani office of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to represent the country at the world’s first Global Manufacturing Industrial Summit (GMIS) scheduled to be held in Germany in the coming month. This comes after the startup was one of the five Pakistani projects awarded by UNIDO under the Global […]

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