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Frequently Asked Questions

01 What is the technology behind Modulus Tech's structure?

At ModulusTech, we focus on innovative housing solutions, hence rather than using a traditional materials and construction approach, we manufacture our structures using different sustainable composite materials. This approach allows us to build structures that are lightweight, energy efficient and cost effective. Moreover, our unique design and in-house expertise makes our products far superior than anything else available today.

02 How are ModulusTech structures different than concrete structures?

Since our structures are pre-fabricated, it takes significantly less time for us to assemble them on site. The structures are lightweight and hence can be installed on loose soil or existing structures. Similarly, we offer the provision of temporary usage, since our structures can be disassembled and relocated if required.

03 What is included in the base product of $3000?

The base product is a 256 SqFt unit of 16’x 16’. This includes a bedroom, a kitchen space, and a washroom. The structure includes the electricity and plumbing fittings; however, the bathroom fixtures and appliances are not included within this cost.

04 Can you provide a customized architectural elevation and floor plan for any use?

Yes! The structures are completely customizable in terms of dimensions, finishes and elevation. Therefore, there is no restriction on the number of rooms, or the sized of the rooms that can be installed together or the finishes that are provided with it.

05 What kind of finishes can you offer with these houses?

There is no limitation with respect to the finishes that can be used within the structures. Our in-house team can customize the product to meet any requirement. However, the cost can increase for extra finishes and customizations.

06 Is the structure weather proof and safe from natural hazards?

The structures are completely waterproof and are tested to stand strong in cyclonic winds. Moreover our structures are safe during Earthquakes and provide no harm to occupants.

07 Can the product be shipped anywhere in the world?

Absolutely! Our superior flat-packed volume allows us to ship a large number of structures anywhere, in the most cost-effective way. All products are shipped from Karachi (Pakistan) and additional transport costs will be incurred for orders outside Karachi.

08 Can I assemble these houses myself?

Yes! We provide a complete manual alongside the structures, which you can use to assemble these houses with your friends or family. No special or heavy equipment required, all products are DIY (Do-it-yourself).

09 Are these structures relocatable and can they be disassembled easily?

Yes! They are relocatable and can be flat-packed as well, which cuts down the logistics cost for transportation.

10 Can it be used for something else other than housing?

There are numerous applications for these structures. They can be used as classrooms and clinics in remote locations. Businesses can use these structures to provide employee housing for their staff. They can also be used as site offices for business working in offsite locations. Similarly, they can be used to make tourist lodges in cold or hot climates.

Have another application in mind? That can also be done!

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