$3000 USD

Prices starting from
$3000 for 1 bedroom houses.


Minimal Assembly Time
Using 3 people without the need of any heavy equipment*

30+ years

Long Life Span of more
than 30 Years.

Energy Efficient
(low operational costs)
Follows International Building Codes
Resilient to Earthquakes and Cyclones
Plumbing and Electrical utilities included
Modular & Customizable
Flat-pack, Portable
Fast-track Quickly setup large settlements

Ease of Transport

Eleven* flat-pack houses can be transported anywhere on a single truck.


Large number of housing settlements can be set up in as little as a month.



Comparative Co2 Emissions 

One Window Solution

ModulusTech Houses can be equipped with Solar Panels and Solar Water Purifiers – for clean water and electricity in off-grid areas.

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