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Our core technology is encompassed by our proprietary #IntermeshSystem, which enables us to build living spaces cost effectively in a short span of time, with 90% reductions in embodied carbon.

The Intermesh System allows houses to be prefabricated, flat-packed, shipped to site, assembled using simple hand tools with a DIY methodology, and comes integrated with a plug & play mechanism for utilities, ready to live in as little as a day.

The passive design coupled with renewable energy and water sources allows them to work autonomously throughout the year – Net Zero Energy (NZE).

Affordable Housing

How are we addressing the global housing crisis?

Backyard Housing

The OkoPod is your flexible outdoor pod, made to provide comfort and additional space in your backyard or roof. 


For backpackers, explorers, adventurists, nature lovers, and enthusiasts. Our eco-tourist properties are designed to provide luxury and comfort for your next getaway.


Our technology can be adapted and used for many applications and purposes such as; schools, clinics, disaster response, labor housing and more. Reach out to us or request a proposal from the Contact Us page.


Modular and Customizable

Proprietary technology

Carbon Neutral (Net Zero Carbon Emissions)

Autonomous & off-grid

Flat-Packed & Relocatable

Minimal Assembly Time

Cost Effective

Fire & Earthquake Safety

Conforms with International Building Codes

Energy efficient

Easy DIY Assembly


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